Innovative Research with Equiprobe’s Electromagnetic Compatible Cell Culture Incubator

Pioneering Cell Research in Controlled Magnetic Environments

Equiprobe Inc. introduces a groundbreaking tool for biological research: the Electromagnetic Compatible Cell Culture Incubator. This advanced incubator is specifically designed to study the effects of extremely low-frequency magnetic fields on biological cells and tissues.

Tailored for Magnetic Field Studies

The key feature of this incubator is its construction from magnetically transparent materials. This innovative design significantly reduces magnetic field distortions, providing a more accurate and controlled environment for sensitive research.

Optimized Environmental Control for Precise Studies

Equipped with advanced CO2, humidity, and temperature control units, the incubator creates an ideal environment for cell and tissue samples. These precise controls are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the samples during experiments involving electromagnetic fields.

3D Helmholtz Coils: The Heart of Magnetic Field Generation

At the core of the incubator’s functionality are the 3D Helmholtz coils. These coils are responsible for generating the required magnetic fields, allowing researchers to simulate various electromagnetic conditions. The precise control offered by these coils is essential for studying the complex interactions between magnetic fields and biological materials.

Equiprobe Inc.: Advancing Biological Research

Equiprobe’s Electromagnetic Compatible Cell Culture Incubator is a testament to our commitment to advancing biological research. By providing researchers with the tools to explore the effects of electromagnetic fields in a controlled environment, we are opening new frontiers in scientific discovery.

Equiprobe Inc. – Engineering the Future of Scientific Research.

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