Advanced Low-Cost Capnograph for Intubation Accuracy

Reliable Endotracheal Tube Placement with Equiprobe’s Capnograph

Equiprobe Inc. introduces its low-cost Capnograph, a dependable device for confirming endotracheal tube placement in emergency intubation and patient ventilation. This tool is essential for ensuring patient safety and effective respiratory management.

Enhanced Safety in Intubation Procedures

The Capnograph is specifically engineered to accurately assess oxygenation and ventilation, critical functions in both intubated and spontaneously breathing patients. Its precise monitoring capabilities are crucial for healthcare providers in both emergency and routine care settings.

Designed for Universal Compatibility

Equiprobe’s Capnograph stands out with its innovative design, featuring a disposable sensing element and a reusable monitoring board. This combination not only offers cost efficiency but also ensures compatibility with any standard endotracheal tube.

User-Friendly Interface for Efficient Monitoring

The design of the Capnograph prioritizes ease of use. The disposable sensing element attaches effortlessly to the endotracheal tube, while the electronic part reliably reads and indicates the correct tube placement, streamlining the intubation process.

Equiprobe Inc.: Advancing Medical Technology Affordably

Equiprobe Inc. is dedicated to developing medical technologies that are both sophisticated and accessible. Our low-cost Capnograph embodies this dedication, providing a reliable and efficient solution for critical respiratory care.

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